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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Devil ?

Did you decide to read this because you thought I was going to talk about the devil?


                          Nevah !!!!!

 Quite the opposite ( grin).... I like to talk about things like cooking, animals, color, music, fuzzy bears, problem solve, butterflies, lawn care, family, My husband ( Brian Powers)<<<<Yummy!!!, and MY KID ( Landon River Powers) Oh how I LOVE to talk about  Landon!!!  
    I guess what I am trying to say  ( because my Likes and loves could go on and on) is.......What are you filling your head with on a constant basis? Is it positive or negative ?
   I know .....for a long time in my life I looked at things in a pretty negative manner. Some of that had to do with growing up and realizing what was important, and some my have  possibly  been the result of a tiny gene I inherited.. ha ha... Whatever the case.....My life sure did change when I discovered that we can be anything we want to be. So I chose HAPPY !!!  Happy thoughts lead to a happy surroundings. A smile can and WILL go a long way. And .....sigh.....compassion :)) If you can learn to have compassion for things , you will automatically see them in a different light. The more I learn to understand people the happier I am. Or hell for that matter some people and things will never be understood !!! Get OVER IT !! <<<< That's the part that was making me stumble.... I had to realize. Not everyone sees  things exactly like myself...   Thanx Hubby....He helped me to really get a grasp on this  
Think about someone besides yourself !! Yeah....Seriously !!!  Put yourself on the back burner and your STRONG ethics, morals, and judgement (that has probably been instilled sense childbirth )and walk down their path in your head for a little while.  k?

      I.............Just........Want to.......Spread the PEACE AND LOVE !!!!   And SMILES :))

Love to you 

Here is a picture to get you in a positive mindset :)
LOVE this Boy !!!!






  1. And what a beautiful and positive pic that is indeed ;) The intro is my favorite part! Hahaha

  2. She got me to read it, Jenn!! Way to go Amanda!!! ;)
    BTW: How could ANYONE not love the last photo?
    I am so in love with Landon!! His face just melts my heart!!